What’s In A Phrase?

“The phrase, “if Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior” is not only without Biblical support, it smacks heavily of an Arminian soteriology.

For the Arminian, salvation is possible for all, but actual for none till the libertarian free will of man kicks in. Thus, in the Arminian worldview, Jesus is the “savior” of all, at least potentially. It is only when the Arminian raises himself from the dead and believes that Jesus becomes his “PERSONAL Lord and Savior.”

For those who hold to the sovereignty of God in salvation, and the doctrine of particular redemption, He foreknew us (“foreknow” in Romans 8 is a verb, not a noun, and speaks of a relationship, not information) personally before we were redeemed. He has been the PERSONAL Savior of the elect from eternity past.”

Jerry Dodson


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