Covenant Theology Brilliantly Illustrated


In light of the recent discussions triggered by the Oct. 1st Mortification of Spin podcast, I think it would be a good time to share a simple illustration that clarifies what aspects of Covenant theology Reformed Baptists and Reformed Paedobaptists really agree upon as well as demonstrating how and why they differ.


The following quote is from a present-day Reformed Presbyterian Pastor (One of the finest preachers of our age) explaining covenant theology by the use of an illustration from a Puritan Congregationalist.

One of the most brilliant illustrations of covenant theology is that used by the Puritan divine Thomas Goodwin. In his exposition entitled Christ Set Forth, he explains that “Adam was reckoned as a common public person, not standing singly or alone for himself, but as representing all mankind to come of him’. In this he was a type of Christ, who is also a representative figure…

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