No one has Ever Interpreted it That Way Before!


I’m sure most people who are familiar with the 1689 Confession of Faith have seen the book “A Reformed Baptist Manifesto.”  You may or may not know that this book began as a four sermon series a long time ago.  I first heard the sermons some time in 1996 and I started giving them to friends because they were, quite frankly, AWESOME!  Using Hebrews 8 and Jer. 31 Pastor Waldron displayed the problems of Dispensationalism, Antinomianism, Arminianism & Paedobaptism in a masterful way.

I got into one of the most heated discussions of my life as a result of the fourth tape.  I had given it to a Presbyterian friend, and let’s just say he didn’t take it well.  He must have called every Presbyterian pastor he knew, and that’s a few, so what I got was sort of a group response funneled through one angry Minnesotan.  The…

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