The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology

I have read and highly recommend this great book!

The Dogmatic Reformer

Pascal Denault has given us an excellent treatise on the distinction between Baptist and paedobaptists during the 17th century.  Even in my own Christian walk, I’ve often wondered why historically infant baptism was the predominant system.  Even after getting saved I only accepted believers baptism because…well because I was told it was right.  The word baptizo in Greek meant immerse and all the examples in the Bible were of believers being baptized, so believers baptism must be true.  I had struggled to understand the logic behind Presbyterians and other reformed groups maintaining this ‘obviously’ Roman Catholic error.

However, as I begun to embrace reformed theology and especially covenant theology I began to see their logic.  Their view of the unifying Covenant of Grace necessitates infant baptism (in their opinion).  At the same time, as I began to embrace Covenant Theology, my own defenses against infant baptism did not seem to…

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