Jeremy Walker On New Calvinism And Holiness

Reformed For His Glory

Before I quote Jeremy Walker I wish to thank the brothers over at The Confessing Baptist for drawing my attention to this much welcomed book.

Also I need to note that Jeremy does not “broad-brush” the whole movement. He clearly states that it is not a monolithic movement. Yet, he is not afraid to identify some dangerous (my word, not his) aspects of some within the movement – which points I am in agreement. From the “engaging culture,” and “being relevant to the culture,” to pragmatism, to a type of “sanctification” that seems to frown upon the moral law (The Ten Commandments), and any preaching that includes the active pursuit of holiness with the moral law as our guide.

Here are some quotes from the book The New Calvinism Considered: A Personal and Pastoral Assessment:


The third…

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