The Baptist Confession


Commonly referred to as the Second London Baptist Confession or the London Baptist Confession of Faith (1677/1689), for many generations it was simply known as The Baptist Confession. This confession was compiled by Particular Baptist ministers in London out of a desire to provide an identity for the growing number of credobaptist congregations touching the Congregationalist and Separatist movements. Its authors also aspired to demonstrate to those holding to the Westminster Standards and Savoy Declaration that they aligned more with them than with the increasingly liberal Anabaptists in continental Europe. As such, there are a great many similarities between The Baptist Confession and those other documents. For deeper study of the confession, Reformed Baptista has offered some helps for the ladies in her A Little Time with the 1689 series. You can read these helps by clicking on the “A Little Time” link next to each chapter. See…

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