The Doctrines of Grace in John 6

Reformed For His Glory

by Felipe Diez III

Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John begins with the miracle of the feeding of 5,000 people, which is also found in the Synoptic tradition. Following this wonderful sign of God’s providence, Jesus performs another miracle, this time, only in the presence of his disciples. He walks on water as another sign that establishes the power of the Messiah over the elements of nature. When he arrives on land, the crowds catch up to him, asking Jesus to perform more signs, in their unbelief, so that they themselves could eat again and marvel at what Jesus may be able to provide for them. They regarded Jesus as a prophet, and were seeking to assure themselves of his kingship by persuading Jesus to continue feeding them in the same way that Moses did, many thousands of years before, when the Israelites were stranded in the desert. Jesus…

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